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I have decided to scrap this project, and I do not know if I will ever come back to revive this.

ToBL was a completely spontanious and joke idea I had for a game whilst I was attempting to make another WIP game with a friend of mine, it started when I drew a top down tank design whilst bored and I played around with the sprite in the program 'Construct 2' the game was an ambitious idea and I was extremely mediocre at organising my code and I changed it so many times that it is now un-fixable in my opinion anyway.

The game is probably a mess in this demo so to make it easier I unlocked all stages to allow you to experience what gameplay there is.

The other reason I gave up is because this top-down style felt to restricting on the art style and bored me, I found it hard to come up with interesting designs with such a restricted view I wanted it like The Legend of Zelda but with what I had it was hard to change so much to accomodate the new style of a 45 degree top-down.

The simple tank shapes and flat look really doesn't look great but it was presentable so I tried to live with it, and seeing the sandy desert texture for days it was a reason to try and complete the area and move on to the next which is why it may feel rushed. I hope this is enough to explain why I stopped this project and if I do plan on revisiting this game I will have to do it all over again, and I am fine with that I just hope I learn from this time.

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Published217 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tags16-bit, Pixel Art, Tanks, Top-Down, Top Down Adventure, Top down shooter, War
Player countSingleplayer


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